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Workplace by Thulo.Com is envisioned to digitize Nepali MSMEs and enterprises


We are excited to introduce Workplace by Thulo.Com, an all-in-one business platform designed to digitize the operations of Nepali MSMEs and enterprises. Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses by providing a comprehensive digital experience for their day-to-day activities.

Workplace not only grants sellers of Thulo.Com access to the market but also enables them to manage their entire business operations from a single platform. It brings together activities, finances, employees, customers, and suppliers into one unified dashboard, offering valuable insights for the rapid growth of businesses.

Here are some of the key features offered by Workplace by Thulo.Com, making it a truly digital workplace:

  1. User Management: Efficiently manage user roles and permissions within the platform.

  2. Contact Management: Maintain a centralized database of contacts, including customers and suppliers.

  3. Product Management: Easily manage product information, categories, and inventory.

  4. Purchase Management: Streamline purchase processes, track orders, and manage supplier details.

  5. Sales Management: Facilitate smooth sales transactions, generate invoices, and track sales performance.

  6. Stock Transfer: Manage stock transfers between different locations or warehouses.

  7. Stock Adjustment: Make necessary adjustments to maintain accurate stock levels.

  8. Expense Tracking: Monitor and track business expenses for better financial management.

  9. Payment Accounts: Keep track of payment accounts and reconcile transactions.

  10. Reports: Generate insightful reports on sales, inventory, and finances.

  11. Backups: Safeguard your data with regular backups to ensure data integrity.

  12. Notifications: Stay informed with timely notifications and alerts.

  13. CRM: Effectively manage customer relationships, track leads, and launch marketing campaigns.

  14. Project Management: Streamline project planning, task allocation, and progress tracking.

  15. HRM: Simplify human resource management with features for employee records, attendance, and payroll.

  16. Business Essentials: Access essential tools and features to support day-to-day business operations.

  17. Sync with Thulo.Com: Seamlessly synchronize your Workplace data with your Thulo.Com online shop.

  18. Sync with WooCommerce Shop: Integrate your Workplace data with your WooCommerce-based online shop.

  19. Digital Catalogue: Create and manage a digital catalog of your products for easy sharing and promotion.

  20. Manufacturing: Streamline manufacturing processes, track work orders, and manage production stages.

  21. Accounting: Manage financial transactions, track expenses, and maintain accurate accounting records.

These are just a few of the many features offered by Workplace by Thulo.Com. We provide a range of plans, from free options to enterprise-grade solutions. If you require a customized plan, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Why not explore a suitable plan that caters to the needs of your business? We are constantly upgrading and enhancing the platform's features and functionalities. If you have additional requirements, let's discuss them, and we will ensure our platform meets your needs perfectly.

Wishing you a fantastic day ahead!

- Raja Ram Nepal

Chief Executive Officer

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